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yaay! This airplane has wi-fi!

'here are my lyrics to my verse on the piss test remix'


one thing about el product these fucks gotta put into their brain is, pain by the pound been the model for millennia, fucko, never been sane or benevolent, no, get the hole in your face plate stucko’d, rode in to the frame on an elephant, scoundrel, talking that road house throat grip spin in to a pirouette dope sick gunner with a numb heart pounding, spit a mint leaf dosage, dosed in the most utmost potent, oh shit, walk to the most hounding sounding, little fish in an ocean of piss get twisted and tangled and mangled on principal, your whole squadron’ll kitty cat scream when i alf ‘em, down ‘em, eat ‘em up, ralph ‘em, how come outcomes, even in the best bets placed are debased when a veteran BK bent to the bone chip start to get a notion to smoke shit, focus, motherfuck a P.O., C.O, C.E.O and any other minion of the long armed evil with a habit of a tight grip chokin’, hoping the masses are broken, shits about to get real trippy, lets go kids.

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